How to use BeautyFields skin pigmentation soap and cream

Beautyfields skin pigmentation skin care – instructions for use

So….  the soap arrived by mail, now what to do?

Here is a look at the what, when and how to use the soap and cream.

First, I want to repeat and say: Stay away from the sun when you want to treat hyperpigmentation or want to lighten your skin tone. Staying away from the sun is simply the first thing

Skin lightening soap

to do.

Beauty Fields Skin pigmentation soap

Who is it good for? – The soap is especially good for people with oily skin, acne prone skin, young skin and for people with normal skin who just want to even out their skin tone. The soap was designed for treating hyperpigmentation but many people told me it helped them with their acne.

How to use: Massage the soap into your skin until you see a foamy lather. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Afterwards, wash throughly and apply moisturizer if needed. Do not overdo it. Some people asked me if they can sleep with the soap on or just leave it for a few hours to make things go faster. Please don’t do it, as this will only dry out your face.

When do I see results? After 2 weeks you will see a significant change in the look of your skin. The pigmentation though may still be visible. If you look for the spots, you will find them. After 2-3 months you will see the spots are practically gone.

BeautyFields Skin Pigmentation Cream

Who is it good for?  Generally I think if you are over 40 the cream will suit you best. If you have dry skin the cream will be  your best choice.

How to use: Apply on your face half an hour before going to sleep. A little goes a long way and I don’t want you to waste my cream on your pillow.

If you are in a hurry, have a special meeting today or anything like that, you can always apply it generously, massage it onto your face and leave on as a mask for 30 minutes.

When do I see results? – Just the same as with the soap.

If you have more questions about beautyfields skin pigmentation products please ask in the comments.