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5 best natural methods to treat acne scars

What you should do in order to get rid of acne scars

Like having acne was not bad enough, now when you got rid of it at last, instead of getting a medal or another kind of prize you have got a souvenir:
Acne scars

Life’s tough buddy, but acne scars, like acne is not for life. Don’t give up. Some things can be done.


There is good news and bad news here. The good news is 10 minutes a day is more than enough. Even 3-4 times a week is also fine. Yay!!!! The bad news is that you have to sweat. Exercise detoxifies your body better than juicing. The sweat is mainly a sign that you are exercising in the right intensity. You don’t need to sweat a lot but you do have to reach the sweating level.

Look for interval training, tabata or videos. Consult your doctor first and listen to your body whn you do it. You won’t make it to the end at the first time but if you’ll keep doing it you will be amazed with your progress. You will gain plenty of health benefits from it and your acne signs will fade out gradually.

2. Aloe Vera:

For those of you with the big pores  kind of acne scars – You absolutely have to grow Aloe Vera in your backyard. I know it’s not easy in New – Zealand but I do see some Aloe Vera growing here and there. Which means it is possible. Another option is to become a good friend of someone who has Aloe Vera, real one, the kind that’s connected to the ground. I don’t believe in commercial Aloe Vera gel. I just never came across a real good one.

OK, now we understood what kind of Aloe do I refer to. Just apply it on your face daily for an hour or two and see what happens.

3. DIY Carrot mask:

Crash your carrot in the blender or just mash a cooked carrot or use some carrot juice from the juicer. 10 minutes on your face daily will do wonders. You can add some flour to the carrot mash to make it easier to apply. It won’t be too fast but continue doing this and see your acne scars fade away gradually.

4. 2 more easy ideas:

5. Use the all natural Beautyfields Skinlight soap:

Read all about it here and feel free to ask questions in the comments.