Aromatherapy oil blends – Play with the scents

Aromatherapy oil blends – What a lovely game to play

Aromatherapy oil blends

Essential oils smell great just as they are. But we always want more. Don’t we? Of course, you can play with you oils and mix them as you like. I thought to make it easier for you with some blends I like.

Fresh Citrus

12 parts Lemon oil

10 parts Sweet orange oil

4 parts Pink grapefruit oil

4 parts Sandalwood oil

Lavender Supreme

20 parts Lavender oil

5 parts Rosemary oil

5 parts Rose Geranium oil

Sweet Vanilla

25 parts Vanilla oil

10 parts Neroli oil

5 parts Frankincense oil

For him

8 parts Patchouli oil

4 parts Bergamot oil

2 parts Lavender oil

See this video if you want to learn some more about blending:

Share with us your experiments with aromatherapy oil blends, you might make somebody’s day today:)