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How To Make Bath Salts

bath-saltsBath Salts DIY

Learn how to make bath salts for your self, your friends or to sell. It can save you from Christmas overdraft. And will give your friends a lovely, scenty memory.

The easiest DIY ever. Watch the video to see how easy it can be.

You can pack your bath salts in a little bag instead of a jar. I think a paper bag can look nice with the right label.

You can use Cinnamon for coloring and of course that will add scent too.

Scent ideas:

Patchouli – Lavender – Vanilla

Bergamot – Lemongrass

Orange – Sandalwood

Cinnamon Leaf – Frankincense

And of course Lavender for a good night sleep. After a warm lavender and epsom salt bath you are sure to sleep like a baby:)

Or any other combination that makes you feel good.

Watch the video and make some bath salts for yourself or as gifts.

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Wild Herb Pesto – New Zealand Version

How to make – Wild Herb Pesto

Today I want to share a lovely experience I had with some friends of mine.

We made together Wild herb pesto.

And what do you know, we didn’t have to go to the wild, just to out Auckland backyard.

What do you need?


Edible greens

Stingimg Nettle – Beware, it is stingy to touch so take it from the stem. After it is well crushed in the food processor, it’s yummy and full of iron.



Onion Weed – Plenty of it, if you ask me. You can add the onion too. All parts of the plant are edible.

Red Clover – Yes, the flower. This handsome:




Wild Fennell


Nasturtium – flowers and leaves

You can add also mint, parsley, broad beans leaves, kale, kale flowers, spinach. Just any edible greens you know and can put your hands on.


Great news, all nuts are good, not only pine nuts which are in general way too expensive. I think the cheapest are sunflower seeds, just roast them in a pan and into the food processor, with the leaves. You can use almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, just nuts, cashew, pistachio. The fun part is that each time you make it, your wild herb pesto will taste a bit different.

Olive oil

Quite a lot of it, to make a pesto (Italian for paste). You can try other oils, I just love olive oil.

Something Sour (Optional but very recommended)

Sourkraut juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar.


Here you can really go crazy – a pinch of salt can be enough but you can add garlic or garlic powder, cumin, paprika, tumeric, black pepper. Do not limit yourself, whatever you like is good. This it actually where the wild herb pesto really gets wild:)

Here you can find some explanations about some of the herbs and how to recognize them.

If you have more ideas about how you use wild herbs, please share.

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Get Inspection Ready, How To Clean The Carpet with essential oils!

How to clean the carpet

Get Inspection Ready, How To Clean The Carpet And Make It Smell Great With Essential Oils!

When I came to New Zealand I lived in a unit in MeadowBank, Auckland. After a while, the unit just opposite to our door was for sale. In 2 days a truck from Barfoot and Thompson came with furniture and stuff and the unit looked like it never did before. They made this place look like a lovely place to live in. Another 2 days and Bingo, sold. I’m sure they sold it so quickly mainly because of this. Probably for more money too.

You won’t do all that when your landlord comes for inspection but here is a nice idea for a first good house impression. Of course you can use it also when you want to let your house, before the weekend to enjoy yourself and your family or just anytime.

So, how to clean the carpet?

1 cup baking soda

15 drops essential oil

Mix and shake well together in an air tight jar and live closed for anytime between 20 min. to 2 days.

Sprinkle it all over your carpet and leave again for 20 min. to a few hours.

Vaccum again.

That’s it, house smells lovely:)

Carpet cleaning scents ideas

Might be a good idea to try it first in a diffuser to see if you like it because on the carpet it will stay for days.

Fresh – 10 drops Orange  oil 5 drops Patchouli.

Heavenly – 10 drops French Lavender essential oil 5 drops cedarwood. Can use Lavender Grosso instead of French.

Clean – 10 drops Lemon oil 5 drops Peppermint.

Pristine – 10 drops Lemon oil 5 drops Lemongrass.

Christmas – 10 drops orange oil 5 drops Cinnamon.

If you want to know how to clean stains from the carpet You can try this very carefully especially with darker carpets.

For more ways to get rid of odors in your home watch this one:


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Toilet Roll Essential oils diffuser

essential oils diffuser

Toilet Roll Essential oils diffuser

Brilliant idea from a friend of mine.

Drop some essential oil on the inner side of the toilet roll. Aka, on the cardboard.

And use it as a toilet roll essential oils diffuser.

So simple, so clever.

Each time you take some paper and roll it you get another boost of scent.

Other things to do with toilet rolls? Watch here. They are very useful and quite easy to find.


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How to make vicks vapor rub

How to make vicks vapor rub

How to make vicks vapor rub

How to make vicks vapor rub


Here’s a nice video about how to make vicks vapor rub.

The coconut oil on the video is liquid, yours will probably be solid in the winter.

Just mix well together 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 15 drops essential oils.

Or, for a bigger quantity: half a cup coconut oil and 100 drops essential oils.

You can also whisk the coconut oil, makes it smoother.

In the video she uses only Eucalyptus. In the real vicks they put also Camphor and peppermint.

I think this combination is best for colds.

For message, just do what you want. Camphor and peppermint are great for muscle relaxing but you can use lavender or just any nice essential oil you like.


Tell me how was it for you:)


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White Skin as a Measure of Beauty: The Impact of the Eurocentric Beauty Standard on Indian Women.

Indian Beauty

White Skin as a Measure of Beauty: The Impact of the Eurocentric Beauty Standard on Indian Women.

When Indian-American Nina Davuluri won the Miss America title in 2013, there were many in India who said that it would have been impossible for her to win a similar beauty pageant in her home country. Not because Ms. Davuluri is not an exceptionally beautiful person, but because of her relatively dark skin.  Almost all winners of the “Miss India” competition have a fair complexion, much fairer than the average Indian woman.

Indians have an obsession with the white skin, a deep rooted cultural bias that has made generations of Indian women feel inferior. As dermatologist Jamuna Pai says “Unfortunately, in our country, they think looking better means you have to look fairer.”

This imposition of a Eurocentric beauty standard on Indian women is visible in films, aviation and a number of white collared jobs. A few years ago, about 100 tribal girls from the state of Maharashtra were trained to be air-hostesses under a government scholarship program.

The goal was to empower them, as there is a feeling that many tribal girls in India are denied jobs because of their darker skin colour, especially in aviation. What happened next shocked many in the government – only 8 girls were able to land a job and that too as ground staff.

Dark skinned women find it more difficult to land a suitable match. Most matrimonial advertisements by matchmaking sites such as and features fair skinned models.

This Eurocentric standard of beauty is particularly prevalent in Bollywood, where most of the leading actresses such as Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor, are fair skinned.

The obsession with fair skin has led to Indian women resort to a number of skin whitening and skin bleaching treatments, with mixed results. Skin lightening creams such as “Fair and Lovely,” from Unilever, introduced in 1978, is one of the most successful consumer products of all time.

This spawned a number of skin bleaching products such as whitening face cleansers, shower gels and more. Indians buy 233 tonnes of skin lightening products each year.  India’s whitening-cream market is a hugely successful one and was worth $432 million in 2010. It grows at 18% a year.

India’s cosmetics industry, which is completely dominated by skin lightening products, was worth $3.6 billion in 2014. India is the biggest market for the global skin whitening industry, which had sales of over $10 billion in 2015.

There is no question that the cosmetics business in India has latched on to the real fears and insecurities that many Indian women have about having a dark skin. This has led to irresponsible advertising, including ads that portray dark skinned individuals in a negative light and emphasize how achieving success in life and career was dependent on having a fair skin, more than any other factor.

It’s not that the Indian government or the opinion makers in the country encourage such thinking – in fact there are a number of popular campaigns such as “Dark is Beautiful” carried out by nonprofits that speak out against just advertising. The national advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Council of India, has done its best to rein in such advertising that perpetuate negative social stereotyping in the country on the basis of skin colour.

But there seems to be a hidden desire among the people fair skin whitening products and there isn’t much that either the government or nonprofits can do about the inherent bias for fair skin among a vast majority of Indians, for cultural, social and historical reasons.

India has experienced impressive economic growth over the last 25 years and has a massive middle class. More Indian women go to universities and get high paying jobs. But prejudices such as a bias for white skin as a measure of beauty, refuse to go away as they are deeply entrenched in the Indian society.



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Knee safe aerobics to make you sweat gracefully for your beautiful skin

sweat for beautiful skin

Sweat your way to a beautiful skin

Hi gorgeous

Today, something different.

I know I’m not supposed to say these words

But after 40 you just must do some exercises to look good

And I’m talking not only about your body but mainly about clearing your skin

lifting up your mood and making you smile more often.

In these days of air conditioning everywhere

and sitting in front of the screen all day long.

You just have to sweat a little to clean your blood a bit

Feel alive and in general turn your system on.

On the other hand you do have to do it gently though.

I have knee problems from rope skipping,

Something that looked like a good idea back then.

Now I know, less is more, it’s all about doing the exercises regularly.

Found this lovely French woman with adorable accent,

You just got to love her:)

Some remarks:

I do it with no weights, not necessary if you ask me

When I started I did only 1 circle (15 min)

You’ll be amazed how easy is it to get fit if you do it every day.

If you made it, you can mark it in the comments as completed

To your beautiful skin,


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Ideas For Decreasing Skin care Issues

Hyperpigmentation natural

Ideas For Decreasing Skin care Issues

Skin care issues can tell a lot about your health and of course about your beauty. Variables, such as weather condition, temperature and tension  affect your skin, so it is very important to look after your skin.

Avoid the sun especially 10am – 2pm in most countries. All day long if you are in New – Zealand.  Use sunscreen or defensive clothing. The sun will age your skin.  This damage is almost irreversible so take care.


Skin care Issues

Drink enough water so your skin will stay moisturized as well and your body can get rid of toxins. If your physical body is appropriately moistened, the toxins that remain in your body will be eliminated and also your skin will benefit. This will give you a radiant appearance and a clear skin.

The manner in which you wash your face could contribute to skin problems. Hot water will dry your skin. it’s better to wash your face with lukewarm water. To keep as much moisture in for soft, flexible skin, gently pat your face dry with a towel.

Do not smoke if you want healthy and balanced skin. Smoking ages your skin, making you seem older than you actually are. It causes the blood vessels in the leading layers of skin to end up being thinner, minimizing blood flow, and makes the skin exhausted of oxygen in addition to various other crucial nutrients. Additionally, smoking weakens the collagen fibers of your skin. These fibers are exactly what firms your skin and makes it flexible. In general if you stop smoking you can solve not only your skin care issues but many more  health issues you may have.

excercise – it does just the opposite of smoking to prevent and solve your skin care issues.

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All natural skin lightening products – Reviews from Etsy

All natural skin lightening products from – reviews

All natural skin lightening products

Hello beauties

I will try in this post to feature some real all natural skin lightening skincare. This natural thing is very misleading. Everybody wants to say that their products are natural and what do you know? they do say so. It sometimes mean that one ingredient is natural, sometimes half of the ingredients are natural almost never is it 100% natural.

First, I must reveal the fact that I make myself all natural skin Whitening products and yes, I sell them also on Etsy. So I may not be so objective but I will do my best.

I chose Etsy because I think it’s the only place where you can buy all natural skin lightening products or cosmetics in general and even see uncensored feedback about them.

My review are based on customer feedback, list of ingredients and general knowledge. I never tried these products myself. It’s not easy for me to stop using my products on my self to reveal my hyperpigmentation only in order to be a laboratory rabbit for another all natural skin lightening product. Sorry for that:)

OK guys,  let’s start:

Carrot tomato skin brightening moisturizer with fruit extracts by LunaseaBotanicals

Price: 18USD/60ml +shipping

Form: Moisturizer, nice, I love it:)

Directions for use: Apply liberally over clean face. Let sit for 10-20 minutes and wipe with wet towel. Tone and moisturize.

Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, stearic acid, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, carrot extract, tomato extract, licorice root, bearberry, rose hips, chamomile, comfrey, calendula, aloe, carrot seed, vegetable glycerin, sweet orange, lemon, petitgraine, geranium, olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil, evening primrose, rice bran oil, chamomile, rose oil, jojoba oil, guar gum, emulsifying wax. Looks quite natural accept the emulsifying wax. There are quite a lot of emulsifying wax out there, it’s not clear which did she use but the rest is looking good.

Package: Pump bottle. Great!

Reviews: 7 people gave 5 stars.

“Leaves my skin feeling great. Quick delivery. I recommend “.

“Really impressed by this moisturizer! Gentle and not greasy. “.

“Great daily moisturizer. Not greasy at all. Absorbs right into my skin so I can apply my foundation without streaks. Great product.”

According to the reviews seems like a great moisturizer, no one talks about the brighteing effect in the reviews. Pity, we do want to know.

Lighten Me In A Bottle Natural Skin Lightening Brightening Whiten Skin Even Skin Tone by model supplies

(Not sure is this is really handmade, I find it hard to believe that a craftsman will call himself model supplies but maybe it’s just me)

Price: 17.56USD/60ml +shipping

Form: Gel, Can be nice, especially if your skin is very oily.

Directions for use: Apply daily, use sunscreen. Kojic acid can make your skin sensitive to the sun and cause spots – Catch 22.

Ingredients: kojic acid, reishi, licorice extract, salicylic acid, MSM, Glycolic Acid, Chinese Ginseng, Wildcrafted Lemon Balm, Melissa Essential Oil, Organic Anise, Organic Horseradish, Organic Schisandra, vegan hyaluronic acid. Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid are not natural. Natural MSM is very rare in nature so probably laboratory made.

Package: Pump bottle. Great!

Reviews: Didn’t find any reviews since the last 6 month. Kojic acid is a mild skin lightener, Glycolic acid is used in chemical peelings so may be effective but I wouldn’t call this product natural.

Magic Scar Eraser by MadamPicklesCauldron

Price: 13.20USD/15ml +shipping

Form: Oil, Nice, something for those with dry skin.

Directions for use: Apply twice a day on affected area. 2-4 weeks.

Ingredients: Argan oil, Rose hip Seed extract, Sea Buckthorn Fruit oil, Pomegranate Seed oil, Myrrh essential oil, Carrot Seed essential oil. She says also All natural, Vegan, No fillers or arbitrary ingredients, No artificial preservatives , Paraben and Sulfate free, Some ingredients are certified organic. Looks good though ingredient list is not complete!

Package: Bottle.

Reviews: Plenty of 5 stars, many reviews. The lady seems to be a little bit slow regarding shipping, looks like there were awful weather conditions in Colorado recently but she gives good customer service and the products seem to work.

“Also I can tell within a week that its starting to lighten my dark spots. Highly recommend.”

“It feels like skin therapy!”

“I didn’t receive this item on time so I contacted the store and with their apologies, they dealt with horrible weather conditions. So for having to wait longer, they apologize and upgraded my order. Great customer service. Also I can tell within a week that its starting to lighten my dark spots. Highly recommend.”

All natural skin lightening hyperpigmentation products by BeautyFields (That’s me!:)

Price: 10USD/100gr soap, $40/50ml cream + shipping

Form: Soap for oily skin and cream for 40+ and dry skin.

Directions for use: Soap: Twice a day, leave the foam on for 1 min. Cream: apply 30 min before bedtime. Read more here.

Ingredients: Soap: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Lavender essential oil, Salt, Calendula, Parsley.

Cream: Grape seed oil, Wheat Germ oil, Beeswax, Parsley, Calendula, Alcohol, Borax. All natural.

Package: The cream is in a jar, I intend to try pump bottle soon. Soap is in a soap box. Can always get better.

Reviews: Plenty of 5 stars, many reviews.

“Using this for the bottom of my feet which have terrible spots. Seems to be working already…thanks for making such a great product.”

“My wife loves the stuff you sell.
Thank you. ” My favourite feedback, ever:)

“It shipped and arrived sooner than I expected it to. Its done exactly what it was supposed to do, I love it. I’m very impressed with the changes I’ve seen in the few weeks I’ve used it. Obviously it won’t make me ivory, but has brightened my tan into a more golden color rather than dark brown. Bottom line is; I would definitely recommend this.”

Hope that you know now something more about All natural skin lightening products and how to assess them. With the transparency that the internet gives us today we can get a lot of objective information.

Which All natural skin lightening products do I choose? Well, of course mine, but I do think the 3rd might be good.


What do you think?