Cream for hyperpigmentation coverage that matches your skin tone exactly

Cream for hyperpigmentation just for you

cream for hyperpigmentation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a cream for hyperpigmentation coverage exactly to your liking?

I mean just in the tone and consistency you want?

Well, this is possible and much easier then you think.

Watch this amazing video but do not forget to read my remarks underneath


If you can’t get white clay, no worries, just use rice flour.

If you can’t get Rice flour keep calm and use white wheat flour.

The flour helps you achieve the right constitency of the cream.

Also the amount of cinnamon and cacao are “to taste”

so you can make the cream match your skin tone perfectly.

Of course, use a sun blocking moisturizer

if you want your cream to block the sun from your skin

or even better, use a hat.

Oh, and one last thing, I would omit the essential oil, some of them can be to strong for your lovely face.

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