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Gardening with essential oils

Gardening with essential oils Insects are drawn to and repelled by certain scents, we all know fruit flies love, well, fruit, especially citruses. Also possums love citruses, especially mandarin. In most cases we will want to repel all sorts of creatures from our precious veggies and plants but sometimes we will want to attract insects …

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Essential oils safety

Many people are concerned about essential oils safety, in this post I’ll share my thoughts about this important subject. What is OK and where should you be more careful. Internal use of essential oils First and foremost, it is not recommended to swallow essential oils. Essential oils are a very concentrated liquids. High doses can …

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Easy blending of essential oils

If you want to experience new fragrances you can simply blend what you have at home. You can just experiment, worst case scenario, you won’t like the scent, it’s not the end of the world. But there are some groups of essential oils that go good together and minimize your chance of glorious failure. So …

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