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Deodorant spray – Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree oil

Tea Tree Oil

Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil – Heavy Duty Deodorant spray

After the deodorant cream recipe from 2 weeks ago I’ve had some feedback from some of you that you do not want deodorant cream…

You want spray!!!

OK, so I googled a bit and made some experiments and I’m quite happy about it because I like this one better!

And this is it:

90ml Rose Water

15 drops lavender essential oil

30 drops lemongrass essential oil

5 drops tea tree essential oil

If you want it really heave duty, you can replace 30ml of the Rose water with apple cider vinegar but if you work in an air conditioned office you may not need it. Give it a try and find out, when you make if your self you can have it just the way you like it, don’t you?

You can play a bit with the essential oils though I do think this is a nice lovely scent but I wouldn’t omit the Tea Tree Oil.

This guy is making it a bit differently, more like the previous deodorant but he is soooo funny:)




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Clean And Refresh Your Home With Essential Oils For Cleaning

essential oils for cleaning

Essential Oils For Cleaning – How To Guide

5 ways to make your home clean and beautifully scented.

Feel free to play with the essential oils part of the recipes.

If I had a bug problem, which I do, I would use peppermint arvensis in all of the recipes.

If you like lemon, use lemon.

I like also rose geranium for cleaning, I like the scent and it’s also good as bug repellent.

So, watch the video and see how to use these essential oils for cleaning your home.

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How To Make A Lotion Bar

Lotion Bar

DIY Lotion Bar

Whenever I go to one of the markets I always check the soaps stall. No market is complete without that.

This one tome a lady offered me a lotion bar. It looks like a bar of soap, you melt it a little bit in your hands and voila! it melts and you can use it as a body lotion or hand cream.

To be exact, this is a heavy ointment. Especially good in winter time which can be any day somewhere in New Zealand or in these rare occasions that you manage to get your skin burnt in the sun because you did not apply sunblock.

So, what will you need:

2 parts oil – Can be olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, apricot kernel, You can put some evening primrose or rose hip. I think it will work with canola oil but I never tried. I like to mix 2 kinds at least.

1 part beeswax

Essential oils (Optional) – I love adding some essential oil because then the scent goes with me everywhere. I just wouldn’t put cinnamon bark and be cautious with cinnamon leaf and clove, they can burn or itch. All the other oils are fine with me but you’ll have to check it on your skin, I don’t think I’m very sensitive after all these years working with essential oils.

Mix beeswax and oils (not essential oils) together and heat in a double pot until the beeswax is melted. Pour into muffin molds or into an empty, clean carton milk container and wait.

If you have no patience you can put your lotion bar in the fridge or freezer. I like to add the essential oils after it has all cooled down a bit, like maybe 30-40 degrees.

That’s it, ready. You can use it, sell it, give it as a gift:)

Your lotion bar is good as a massage bar too, just saying.

This lady will show you exactly how to do it. She is more cautious with essential oils so you’ll have to decide what’s good for you. Of course, you can always use lavender if you have cuts.


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Skin Discoloration – DIY face mask

Skin Discoloration – detoxifying DIY face mask

diy face mask

Found this on youtube for you, this mask can be good for you even if you don’t have acne. Actually I would exclude the salt in case of active acne, use a teaspoon of flour or milled oatmeal instead to make the mask easier to apply.

Will make you feel like you have just walked out from the beauty spa.

1 teaspoon raw honey

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt (I prefer milled oatmeal)

1/2 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar.

Massage thoroughly into your skin, the massage is very important, don’t skip it!

Twice a week will do the job.

Good Luck! And do share your opinion here, we want all to learn.


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Make Your Own DIY Natural Deodorant

DIY natural deodorant

Make Your Own DIY Natural Deodorant

Important note: Now I make my deodorant this way. I find it better because of the risk of blocking the pores and causing painful red lumps in the armpits. If you still prefer a solid deodorant you can try this one, might be good for you.

Natural deodorant is so easy to make, easier than making scrambled eggs and there is no cooking involved:

1/8 cup baking soda

1/4 cup corn starch or arrowroot powder

3/8 cup coconut oil

10-20 drops of you favorite essential oil blend – I like neroli which makes a lively scent when combined with coconut. Do not use cinnamon or clove as they can be irritating. People with very sensitive skin can use lavender or just omit the essential oil altogether.

Mix well in a bowl and put into a jar. Your DIY natural deodorant is ready and you have plenty of it. Use very little each time on dry skin.

This lovely woman uses different ratios, you can see what works best for you. She also explains more about why should you make your deodorant this way.



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Summer Is Here – Summer Essential Oils Blends

Summer Is Here – Summer Essential Oils Blends

Well, Summer is here, since we moved to Whangarei I feel it more intensely here. Here’s a collection of some summer essential oils blends ideas:

Summer Bloom:

4 parts mandarin

2 parts lavender

1 part lime

1 part spearmint

Summer Dreams:

2 parts rose geranium

3 parts lavender

Rainy Summer Day:

1 part lavender

3 parts bergamot

Summer Citrus:

1 part lavender

1 part grapefruit

1 part lemon

1 part spearmint

Summer Nights:

2 parts ylang ylang

2 parts orange

2 parts sandalwoodsummer essential oils blendsHope you have a lovely kiwi summer day today:)



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How to make your own perfume with essential oils

your own perfume

How to make your own perfume or body mist with essential oils

Today I’ll show you just how simple it is to make your own perfume with essential oils.

I wouldn’t give it as a gift because it contains water and water can go rancid but for personal use it’s great as long as you keep an eye that your perfume still smells good and not funny.

So, all you’ll need is

  1.  Find a small mist bottle, preferably a glass one. Maybe from a used perfume. I think plastic bottle will be ok, since the perfume is diluted in water. These one’s you can get in the $2 shops in Auckland and I guess in other places too. By the way, would love to hear your recommendations for a $2 shop in Whangarei. Did not find a good one yet.

OK, this was probably the hardest part but if you have the bottle, from here it’s easy peazy.

2. Fill up the bottle with water, preferably distilled. Or, if you like the scent you can use rose water.

3. Add some drops of essential oils. Here, you can mix as you like. Add just a few drops to make a mist, add some more for a perfume.

That is it, you have your own perfume ready. It’s all natural and it’s just the way you like it.

Here you can see all the steps and see how simple it is:

Success, Tsahallah.

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New year’s resolutions! How to make them come true.

New year's resolutions

New year’s resolutions – 2017 is here!

Losing weight – Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Ginger (Sorry dear, you’ll have to diet and exercise too)

Combat addictions – Basil, Frankincense

Be a better student – Basil or Rosemary

Be more social – Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime

More romance – Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Orange, Patchouli, Cedarwood

Energy to do all that – Peppermint, Ginger, Sweet Orange, Clove

Good luck everybody:)

My new year resolution is again to lose weight and be fit. I also want to be more organized in work and life and also be good and do good.

I also want to thank you all for supporting my business and my family, asking questions and bringing up ideas. That’s not taken for granted. Thank you all.

I wish you luck with your new year’s resolutions in this coming new year and lots of big and little miracles on the way.

Best wishes, Tsahallah.

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Christmas Gift Ideas – Something To Be Remembered By

Christmas Gift Ideas – Some of them are good for other occasions too

A collection of gift ideas in this blog

Bath Salts

After Shave

Christmas essential oils blends

Wild Pesto

More essential oil blends

Oatmeal – Sugar scrub

I would love to hear some of your own ideas and you can share them by clicking on comments. You can share your own ideas or link to nice ideas from the web. Don’t forget to package beautifully, some ribbons, stickers, fabric or even buttons. The package can upgrade these gift ideas into real gifts.

Gift ideas


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Christmas Scents – Festive Essential oil Blends

Christmas Scents – Essential Oils Blends

christmas Scents

Scent is the most powerful memory trigger, and who does not want to remember Christmas:)

Gingerbread in the oven, the smell of a Christmas tree, cinnamon stars and all this Christmas baking.

So, if you don’t intend to bake all day long here are some Christmas scents ideas you can use:

2ml sweet orange essential oil

3ml anise essential oil

2ml cinnamon leaf essential oil

1ml frankincense

This is my favorite and the formula of my smell of Christmas blend.

Especially good on a rainy Christmas day:

Blend equal parts of sweet orange, clove and cinnamon essential oils.

If you prefer the pine tree scent:

7 ml pine essential oil

4  ml eucalyptus essential oil

2 ml mandarin essential oil

1 ml clove essential oil

Christmas scent for if some one is sick in the family:

6 ml eucalyptus essential oil

6 ml pine essential oil

2 ml mandarin essential oil

2 ml French Lavender essential oil

If you like it fresh:

Equal parts of peppermint and cinnamon leaf essential oils

If you need more ideas, you can always find them  here

So you can have you Christmas scents just the way you like them.

Watch this video for a nice crafting idea with the kids. You can hang these in the closet too and have Christmas memories all year round


Any questions? Please comment, we answer usually in less than 24 hours.