Essential Oils



Every plant has a special scent and taste. When you distill the flower, leaves or roots you get an oil which is an essence with special properties, some of which are therapeutic. This is why essential oils are called also aromatherapy, arome = scent. You can understand the therapeutic effect when you think about how you feel when you enter a house with a fresh or baking scent. (Real estate agents know it and use it:)

Essential oils are very skin permeable and when you inhale them they go straight to your nerve system.


As a perfume:

You can use aromatherapy oils for perfumery by diluting them in base oils or alcohol. Lavender, patchouli, citrus, neroli and jasmin oils are very popular as perfume.


Lavender oil is great for helping you sleep and peppermint oil will help your muscles relax when you use it in a massage oil.


Try French lavender oil for cuts and bruises. Add a few drops of ylang ylangor neroli essential oils to your moisturizer. These two are especially suitable for older skin.


Looking for a great massage oil? Choose from among many essential oils. Just dilute them in almond or grapeseed oil. Make your own sport massage blend or one for erotic or relaxation massage.

Aromatherapy diffuser:

Just put you favourite essential oil or blend in the diffuser. Lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree are a famous winter blend. Cinnamon, anise, citrus and ginger are a favourite Christmas blend. Feel free to make your own favourite blend:)

Please comment here and let me know if you have questions about aromatherapy, essential oils and what you can do with them or any other idea that might pop up.  

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results