Essential Oils By Scent

  1. I would like to buy anise oil in bulk but first I need to purchase a small amount for my sample to my multinational company client. Would you know where and how can I buy sample of anise oil?

  2. Am amazed by hiw well this skin lightening treatment works!!! I love that it is all natural. Have tried other products and they damage my skin and don’t lighten. Some contain very harsh chemicals. But this one works and give my skin a beautiful glow.

  3. I first tried Beauty Fields oils in a diffuser and realised after using other brands that they are definitely higher in quality. I now use many of their essential oils in my companies natural skin products and have had amazing results! The aromas are very good and pure.
    I especially love this peppermint oil, there is a lot of other products on the market but this one (As with all of Beauty Fields oils) is far superior!
    The customer service I receive is also excellent! Thank you!