Lamp Aromatherapy Diffuser + 6 Oils Gift Pack


Aroma Lamp Diffuser + 6 Essential oils in a gift pack:

10ml Peppermint Essential Oil
10ml Lavender Essential Oil
10ml Lemon Essential Oil
10ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10ml Tea Tree Essential Oil
10ml Orange Essential Oil

350ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser 7 colour LED Light Lamp Brand New

For Aroma and Color Therapy

Diffuser comes with power cable and instructions manual.

Dimensions: 161622cm 0.9Kg

  1. 7 LED colours to choose from, changing colours or OFF.

2.A new generation of electonic water level detection system applied to have the auto power-off function when waterless.

3.Container max capacity 350ml.

  1. Four stages of timing system (1hr/43hr/6hr/on)

5.Ultrasonic Oscillator Frequency:24 MHZ to vaporize the water as well as maintain integrity of the essential oil.

  1. Super Quiet.