Jojoba Oil


100% Pure cold pressed Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinesis) 100ml

Technically jojoba oil is not an oil but a liquid wax, very similar to human sebum which is the skins natural lubricat. Pronounced ho-ho-ba. It is one of the most important oils in natural skin care use. This un-fragranced, unrefined, Cold pressed oil, is rich, golden and quite amazing.

Jojoba Oil is a great base oil used alone or blended with essential oils. This oil is rich ,nourishing and a great skin moisturiser, making it suitable for very dry or mature skin types.

Suitable for all skin types. Jojoba oil mixes with the sebum to form a thin protection layer against environmental elements like wind, cold and polution, while still allowing skin to breathe.

100% pure, best value oils suitable for use by therapists and in making cosmetics, candles and soaps as well as for use in the home e.g. in oils burners, diffusers, saunas, adding to the bath etc.



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