Bleaching Soap – Natural Skin Pigmentation Treatment

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Beautyfields Hyperpigmentation soap 90gr

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Directions: Use daily as regular soap for face and body. Leave it on for a minute or two before rinsing. Apply moisturizer if needed.
Size: 90gr/3.3Oz. All Vegan.
Not tested on animals.


Should I use the soap or the cream? The cream is more moisturizing so suitable for dry skin and woman over 40. If you prefer soap you can use it but leave it on for not more than 1 minute and moisture well afterwards.

How should I use Beauty Field’s Skin Pigmentation Bleaching Soap and cream?

The skin lightening soap – Apply on the skin to make a white leather and leave on for 1-3 minute according to your skin type (Oily skin – a min dry skin – 1 min and moisture).  Do it twice a day for the first 2 weeks or until you reached your goals. Then you can cut the frequency down to once a day, every 2 days or even less.

The skin lightening cream should be used once a day before sleep or anytime when you are at home, preferably not outside in the sun. Can be left on skin until morning then wash and continue with your skin care routine. Also here, you can reduce frequency with time.

When will I see results? These products are very effective, you will see significant results after 2 weeks. You will see changes even sooner. just follow the instructions for use.

Does the skin lightening soap effect last long? Yes, the effect stays for around 2 weeks after you stop using these products.

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