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Skin Bleach dangers you should avoid

Skin bleach dangers – Part bleach

Skin Blaech creams and ointments

Tretinoin – Tried it myself and any word is true. Might be effective to some level. On the other hand makes your skin terribly sensitive to sun damage. Of course you are told to stay away from the sun but in warm countries you can not do it good enough even if you try. If you live in Russia that might be ok but there they almost don’t have hyperpigmentation problems so it’s catch 22.

Hydroquinone – The bad boy of skin bleach agents. Was banned in Europe for ages. Considered now OK in low concentration – 2-4%. The problem is that it’s not effective enough for darker skin colors So it is sometimes mixed with chemicals or is used in higher concentrations. This is suspected as carcinogenic. I don’t trust this stuff still, used it maybe 20 years ago, made my skin feel awkward.

To be continued, hopefully tomorrow, until then, please share your experience if you are old enough to use any of these two products.