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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – All you need to know!

post inflammatory hyperpigmentation- Forget me not

There are many causes for hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure in the main one. More than that, it can worsen any other kind of skin pigmentation.

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is especially nasty because it’s caused buy a skin injury.

Acne scars are the most common kind but some of us get if from cuts, bruises and other not so nice things.

Also chemical peels and laser tratments can cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. People with darker skin are, unfortunately more prone to it. Sorry, that’s life!

Even Mosquito bites that are scratched too much can cause spots. Be cautious!

I mean I’d rather get my spots from working too much on my tan on my 20’s than from acne. Don’t you?

The 2 kinds of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

  1. Epidermis pigmentation – The spots are on the outer layer of the skin – easier to treat though not too easy.
  2. Dermis hyperpigmentation – The spots are deeper in the skin so much harder to treat, if at all. Bad news! The way to prvent this kind of scars is not to scratch and most important, not to blow up pimples.

How to minimize post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

– First treat the injury/acne/bites etc. With injury it’s quite clear, you can’t treat a bleeding tissue.

-It’s important to treat mosquito bites and any other bites, especially in order to prevent scratching. Aloe vera, Lavender or tea Tree essential oils. You can try something from the chemist if you don’t mind chemicals but mainly, just don’t scratch. Make your busy and remember: If you’ll start scratching, you will probably want to continue so don’t even start with it.

-Do not blow up pimples – This will make you the worst kind of hyperpigmentation, which is deeper in the skin and harder to treat. Beware! Never use any kind of peeling on active acne fr the same reason.

-Stay away from the sun if you did not already. It’s not good for your skin in so many ways and now you know it cab also worsen your post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Hooray!

How to treat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

First, know it’s not going to be too easy. Prepare for a fight!

-You can use laser, nitrogen oxide and other “quick” methods. You should be cautious, especially if your complexion is dark to begin with. Go only to a clinic you trust and ask them about the after effects. If they say that in rare cases the spots can com back or worsen, do take it seriously. Especially if you have darker skin your risk is higher.

-You can try all sorts of home made natural treatment. I wouldn’t recommend undiluted lemon juice. You can use it diluted in olive oil. You can use other fruit or yogurt but the thing is, most of these treatments are quite messy. You will look good for an hour or two and than the effect is almost gone. Some say, you’ll see effect after doing it every day for months. I just never had the patience. Please share if you did.

– You can go for the medical approach. This Californian dermatologist explains it all:

The natural approach to treating Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

I do agree with the dermatologist from the video above, the treatment should include 3 steps:

  1. Sun protection – Protect your skin from the sun, especially your face. It will save you from some wrinkles too. You can use a hat or sun screen. Sun screens almost always do contain chemicals. I do prefer the method of hiding from sun but sometimes you just have to use sunscreen.
  2. Treating the spots.
  3. exfoliation – Gently – The vintage kind shaving brush is my favourite.

post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

For treating the spots the fastest natural way I know is my natural skin care. The soap will do most of the exfoliation too and treat your acne, so you can use it also in order to prevent future scars. You gotta love this product:)

The cream will do the lightening but you will need to exfoliate once or twice a week in order to make your skin look cleaner and get rid of extra sebum.

Hope this a was informative for you. Any questions? In the comments.

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5 best natural methods to treat acne scars

What you should do in order to get rid of acne scars

Like having acne was not bad enough, now when you got rid of it at last, instead of getting a medal or another kind of prize you have got a souvenir:
Acne scars

Life’s tough buddy, but acne scars, like acne is not for life. Don’t give up. Some things can be done.


There is good news and bad news here. The good news is 10 minutes a day is more than enough. Even 3-4 times a week is also fine. Yay!!!! The bad news is that you have to sweat. Exercise detoxifies your body better than juicing. The sweat is mainly a sign that you are exercising in the right intensity. You don’t need to sweat a lot but you do have to reach the sweating level.

Look for interval training, tabata or videos. Consult your doctor first and listen to your body whn you do it. You won’t make it to the end at the first time but if you’ll keep doing it you will be amazed with your progress. You will gain plenty of health benefits from it and your acne signs will fade out gradually.

2. Aloe Vera:

For those of you with the big pores  kind of acne scars – You absolutely have to grow Aloe Vera in your backyard. I know it’s not easy in New – Zealand but I do see some Aloe Vera growing here and there. Which means it is possible. Another option is to become a good friend of someone who has Aloe Vera, real one, the kind that’s connected to the ground. I don’t believe in commercial Aloe Vera gel. I just never came across a real good one.

OK, now we understood what kind of Aloe do I refer to. Just apply it on your face daily for an hour or two and see what happens.

3. DIY Carrot mask:

Crash your carrot in the blender or just mash a cooked carrot or use some carrot juice from the juicer. 10 minutes on your face daily will do wonders. You can add some flour to the carrot mash to make it easier to apply. It won’t be too fast but continue doing this and see your acne scars fade away gradually.

4. 2 more easy ideas:

5. Use the all natural Beautyfields Skinlight soap:

Read all about it here and feel free to ask questions in the comments.