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Aromatherapy for kids insider tips

Aromatherapy for kids

Aromatherapy is a new approach to well-being and via using essential oils.

Oils in aromatherapy have soothing effect on the physical body, thoughts and heart.

A mild hug, smile or a kiss are forms of connection, bonding in between the parent and the kid. A loving nurturing touch of massage therapy on the feet, arms, hands, back, abdominal area as well as legs is healing for both the kid, moms and dads.

Infants at 6 weeks of age can identify their mom’s aroma. essential oils have distinctive composition establishing the scent, colour, as well as impact on our body.

Here are couple of kids friendly common essential oils.

Geranium and also rose oils serve as a good skin softener, skin toner and also natural astringent.

Peppermint oils prevent loss of hair and is very good for tummy ache, vomiting and digestion issues.

Lemon essential oil offers alleviation from dandruff. – For any kind of swellings and also burns, use tea tree and Lavender oils.

Cedar wood, eucalyptus, peppermint and also tea tree oils relieve coughing.

Lavender is relaxing before sleep and used for cuts and burns.

Lemon and also grapefruit oils added to a tub of warm water for a bath can revitalize the kid.

A word of care for any kind of father and mothers intending on using aromatherapy oils on their kids. Be careful while using essential oils on your kid. As a rule of thumb: Less is better. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, see to it that they are diluted with water or carrier oils. Improper dilution could lead to skin irritation for your children. Keep essential oils away from reach of kids. Lavender essential oil you can use undiluted for cuts and minor burns. For all other uses dilute 2-3 drops in 10ml carrier oil for massage or in some water for the vaporizer.

Aromatherapy for kids