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How to make your own perfume with essential oils

your own perfume

How to make your own perfume or body mist with essential oils

Today I’ll show you just how simple it is to make your own perfume with essential oils.

I wouldn’t give it as a gift because it contains water and water can go rancid but for personal use it’s great as long as you keep an eye that your perfume still smells good and not funny.

So, all you’ll need is

  1. ¬†Find a small mist bottle, preferably a glass one. Maybe from a used perfume. I think plastic bottle will be ok, since the perfume is diluted in water. These one’s you can get in the $2 shops in Auckland and I guess in other places too. By the way, would love to hear your recommendations for a $2 shop in Whangarei. Did not find a good one yet.

OK, this was probably the hardest part but if you have the bottle, from here it’s easy peazy.

2. Fill up the bottle with water, preferably distilled. Or, if you like the scent you can use rose water.

3. Add some drops of essential oils. Here, you can mix as you like. Add just a few drops to make a mist, add some more for a perfume.

That is it, you have your own perfume ready. It’s all natural and it’s just the way you like it.

Here you can see all the steps and see how simple it is:

Success, Tsahallah.