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Skin Discoloration – DIY face mask

Skin Discoloration – detoxifying DIY face mask

diy face mask

Found this on youtube for you, this mask can be good for you even if you don’t have acne. Actually I would exclude the salt in case of active acne, use a teaspoon of flour or milled oatmeal instead to make the mask easier to apply.

Will make you feel like you have just walked out from the beauty spa.

1 teaspoon raw honey

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt (I prefer milled oatmeal)

1/2 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar.

Massage thoroughly into your skin, the massage is very important, don’t skip it!

Twice a week will do the job.

Good Luck! And do share your opinion here, we want all to learn.


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skin brightening secret!

Shhhh… skin brightening secret!

skin brightening secret

Wow, this girl looks like she knows what she’s talking about.

Nice and easy, skin brightening with coconut oil.

One ingredient, easy peazy, just the way I like it.

Try it, and let me know how is it for you, no excuses! It’s so easy.

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Sun block: A skin lightener must.

Sun block: The first skin lightener you should think of.

skin lightener

Whether you’re outdoors for business or leisure, repeated exposure to the sun will certainly have its consequences for your skin.

Regardless of color, skin that is repetitively subjected to the sunlight often becomes hard and thick. Beyond the mid years of adulthood, the results could be wrinkles.

Irrespective of the situations for sunlight exposure, selecting a sunscreen item that supplies some level of security from the sun’s UV rays can be one way to protect your skin from these aging effect.

Because of the variety of sun screen lotion products available, here are some things to consider in making a good decision:

1. Substances:

Sun screen lotion items can be made with active ingredients to protect against UVA rays, as well as/ or various other ingredients to secure against UVB rays (which are in truth a lot more damaging for sun burning compared to UVA rays). The most effective items offer ingredients for security from both UVA as well as UVB rays. Think also about the real substance checklist. (I.e. Are they naturally obtained/ risk-free, or do they include possibly damaging chemicals?).

2. SPF (Sun Security Aspect):.

The SPF number on the item’s label describes the strength of security, and the time a sun-screening product will certainly enable your skin to be in the sun without burning – relative to the time bare skin (or skin without the item applied) would redden.

To sum that up, the SPF number tells you just how much longer they could last out in the sun with protection for their skin, without being burned. The greater the SPF number, the longer this duration is.

For example, let’s state ‘Joe’, a young pupil, would normally burn after 12 minutes of being out in the sun. He uses a sun screen lotion, likewise described as a sunlight block, with an SPF of 15. This suggests that he ought to be fine for 15 times his standard amount of protection time. Simply puts, ‘Joe’ would certainly be shielded for approximately 3 hours. Here’s the formula for calculating:.
12 minutes x 15 SPF = 180 mins (3 hr).

(Now if ‘Joe’ applied a sun screen lotion with an SPF of 30, he would certainly be protected for around 6 hours. E.g. 12 minutes X 30 SPF = 360 minutes (6 hr)).

Still, usually you will have to apply again after 2 hours. Especially if you are in the sea, waterproof lotions are not always salt water proof. If you are sweating etc.

3. Skin Kind:.

When choosing a sun screen lotion, it’s important to think about the various skin kinds and just how they respond with exposure to the sunlight.

Children: For ages 6 months+, think about an item with SPF of 15 or greater to secure against both sun tanning and also burning. Additionally think about a product tag that provides protection versus both UVA as well as UVB rays (likewise called the “broad-spectrum”).

Skin Kind – Quite Fair: This skin type normally burns promptly. Tanning is uncommon. Take into consideration sun screen lotion items including SPF 20 to 30.

Skin Kind– Fair: This skin type usually burns effortlessly. Some tanning can take place, although not much. Take into consideration sun screen lotion items having SPF 12 to 20.

Skin Type– Light: This skin type burns in the moderate variety. Sun tanning is generally gradual, producing a light brown color. Think about sunscreen items consisting of SPF 8 to 12.

Skin Kind– Dark: This skin kind seldom burns. Tanning occurs big time, generating a dark brownish shade. Think about sunscreen products containing SPF 2 to 4.

Skin Kind– Other: This skin kind consists of people with moles (or whose close blood-relatives have a history of moles), people with skin cancer cells in their genealogy (including most cancers), and also folks with very fair skin and hair. As this is a risky group for health damages from way too much UV direct exposure, think about using sun block products with the greatest SPF available.

Any skin – If you want your skin to be fairer you must use sun block even before you use a skin lightener. There’s no use to apply skin lightener and ruin all of the effect tanning all day. You can also wear a hat and long clothes if you want your skin lightener help you.

Once you have actually selected one of the most suitable sunscreen product, and also no matter your skin kind, use your sun screen lotion ‘before’ heading out right into the sun’s rays. To get the most possible UV security, the sun block product should additionally be spread out relatively thick, and also in a consistent fashion over all locations of the skin that will be exposed to the UV rays.

Whatever your present conditions as well as selections are for going out in the sun, taking suitable treatment of your skin ‘now’ will aid establish a much healthier and also younger-looking skin in the future.

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Back to basics: Milk and Honey all natural hydrating mask

Hydrating mask

DIY Milk and Honey all natural hydrating mask

Cleopatra knew it so why won’t we all.

Milk is great for gentle exfoliating, so gentle it’s good also for acne prone skin.

I love to use raw milk or even better, raw yogurt.

Milk is more comfortable and less messy though.

Honey is very hydrating, again, raw is the best.

together milk and honey make a great hydrating mask.

You can mix them together, I find it too complicated

but you can do it with a little whisk

very tiny, you only need 1 spoon of each.

The one you can use for coffee.

Or you’ll have to heat the honey a little bit in a double boiler

beware to not over do it.

I like to use this Hydrating mask in 2 phases:

First the milk or yogurt for cleaning, 5-20 minutes will do.

Afterwards I apply the honey, quite sticky but worth it.

Good luck everyone, you’ll thank me when you look in the mirror:)

Kindly leave a comment here with any sort of Skin care inquiries!



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Cucumbers for fair skin

How can cucumbers make your skin look better?


Fade dark circles

place 2 slices of cucumbers on your eyes and relax for 20 minutes. You can put another pair of cucumber slices under the eyes to treat puffy eyes.

Improve complexion

Take a slice of cucumber with a drop of lemon juice on it. Massage it into your skin, you may need two slices. Do it daily until you see results. It will also tighten your pores.


Massage a slice of cucumber to the burnt area. It will cool the place and relieve the burn.

Tighten open pores

Again, all you need to do is to massage a slice of cucumber to your skin. If you want to make it more interesting you can add a drop of apple cider vinegar, Lemon, Honey or tomato pulp. If you want to make it messy you can always use cucumber juice instead of slice. I do think it’s more effective but rarely have the time, power or will to actually do it so prefer to keep it simple.

If you do want the juice, this is how:

Enjoy and tell us all how was it for you. I, personally am very interested.


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Cream for hyperpigmentation coverage that matches your skin tone exactly

Cream for hyperpigmentation just for you

cream for hyperpigmentation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a cream for hyperpigmentation coverage exactly to your liking?

I mean just in the tone and consistency you want?

Well, this is possible and much easier then you think.

Watch this amazing video but do not forget to read my remarks underneath


If you can’t get white clay, no worries, just use rice flour.

If you can’t get Rice flour keep calm and use white wheat flour.

The flour helps you achieve the right constitency of the cream.

Also the amount of cinnamon and cacao are “to taste”

so you can make the cream match your skin tone perfectly.

Of course, use a sun blocking moisturizer

if you want your cream to block the sun from your skin

or even better, use a hat.

Oh, and one last thing, I would omit the essential oil, some of them can be to strong for your lovely face.

For any skin lightening, inquiries, ideas, questions etc. please comment.

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Liquorice powder for hyperpigmentation melasma tratment

Liquorice powder for hyperpigmentation melasma tratment

hyperpigmentation melasma

Look at this mind blowing video.

I never knew Liquorice powder can be fo useful for hyperpigmentation/melasma.

That’s quite interesting.

Now all I have to do is find some Liquorice powder in Auckland.

Can you tell me where can I find it?

Any help is very welcome.

Do you know any interesting recipe you could share with us?

Do you know where you can get some Liquorice powder for our Liquorice powder for hyperpigmentation melasma mask?

I guess it’s not easy to find accept maybe in India.


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melasma hyperpigmentation DIY natural treatment for darker skin

melasma hyperpigmentation DIY natural treatment for darker skin

melasma hyperpigmentation

Hi beauties

Found this youtube video for melasma or hyperpigmentation treatment.

Just a little warning: I do think Turmeric is a great skin lightener but if used on very light skin it will probably make it yellower rather than lighter so just replace the Turmeric in this recipe with:

Rice flour (My favourite)

White Flour (If you just can’t get the other two)

or Sandalwood powder (Indian shops, they have everything)

Feel free to watch from 2:41 because until that time she just babbles about, so just watch if you like it.

The melasma hyperpigmentation recipe starts around 2:41

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Laser resurfacing – How does it really feel?

Laser resurfacing for hyperpigmentation – Video evidence

I must say I never did Laser resurfacing myself, Looks too scary to me since I saw a friend of mine after laser treatment for hair removal but this was quite some time ago and maybe technologies have improved.

I do know that laser treatments are considered sometimes as the last rescue, or the only thing that works for Skin pigmentation.

It quite disturbs me that on many Laser treatments ads you see the before and after but not anything about what actually happens inbetween. And I’m not talking about the price:)

Just found this brave lady on youtube revealing everything:

And, a year later:

Did you have an experience with Laser treatments? Can you share with us? Do you offer such treatments and can add from your knowledge?laser resurfacing

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DIY – Oatmeal body scrub for a happy skin

oatmeal body scrub

Oatmeal body scrub recipe with variations

Half a cup ground oatmeal (You can skip the grinding if you want it even gentler)
Half a cup raw sugar (Omit the sugar if you want a face scrub, double the amount of oatmeal instead)
One cup coconut oil
Two tablespoons olive oil

After using the scrub, you can leave it on for a while.  Than you can scrub the oatmeal out and leave the oils on. Wash with water and pat dry if needed. Oatmeal is very nourishing for your skin and so are coconut and olive oil.

DIY Soothing Oatmeal Body Scrub

Posted by Top Knot on Friday, February 26, 2016

Mmmmm, yummy, so, how was it for you?

Remember to never scrub if you have active acne or any skin inflammation.

Gentle scrub in general is good for the last finish. It won’t erase things from your face. Sorry!

Use this oatmeal body scrub twice a week for a happy gorgeous looking skin.

You can add a few drops of essential oil to your liking to the body scrub. If you intend to use it on your face do not add essential oils.