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Lemon beauty tips for evening out skin tone

Lemon beauty tips for evening out skin tone

lemon beauty tips

Lemon is a great skin lightener but first, a few warnings:

  1. Never use Lemon Juice undiluted on skin, most pwople won’t tolerate it.
  2. Results are not long lasting, For long lasting results you can try my skin lightening products. You may want to try to use it daily for better results, If you do, please share you experience. I never did.
  3. Stay away from the sun at least 24 hours after applying lemon to your skin.

OK, now we can start with the lemon beauty Tips:

1) Lemon face wash – Lemon juice, Aloe vera gel, distilled water and honey. a teaspoon from each. You can apply it on your face for not more then 10 min. Make a small abount each time so it stays fresh. Almost invisible, so good for busy woman.

2) 1 taespoon Lemon Juice + 3 teaspoons of yougurt. Somewhat messy but does wonders. Again 10 minutes on your face will be more then enough.

3) For very dry skin – 1 teaspoon Lemon juice + 2 teaspoons olive oil.

That’s it Lemon beauty tips for today. Do you have your own beauty tips?  Please share, we want also to know.