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Clean And Refresh Your Home With Essential Oils For Cleaning

essential oils for cleaning

Essential Oils For Cleaning – How To Guide

5 ways to make your home clean and beautifully scented.

Feel free to play with the essential oils part of the recipes.

If I had a bug problem, which I do, I would use peppermint arvensis in all of the recipes.

If you like lemon, use lemon.

I like also rose geranium for cleaning, I like the scent and it’s also good as bug repellent.

So, watch the video and see how to use these essential oils for cleaning your home.

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How to treat sunburn and insect bites effectively and easily!

Summe’r issue: How to treat Sunburn and mosquito bitessunburn

Two things already happened to me this summer:

  1. Me and my family got sunburnt to our bones. We just went to a friend’s house, feeding the goats and playing with the cat and duck. The irresponsible mummy didn’t think about sunblock. If we went to the beach I would remember but we were just visiting a friend and one thing led to another, we were maybe 2 hours out and came home sparkling red.
  2. In another occasion we were all bitten by probably sandflies. That’s really mean, really, really, really mean. My 5 year old could not sleep, my 4 yo scratched until bleeding. we tried Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Weleda gel from the pharmacy, oatmeal and my anti-fungal ointment (we were desperate). Each gave us some relief but nothing ended it up. And I felt like I can not make oatmeal baths all day long.

Until I found this article.

And gave it a try immediately.

What do you know, it treated the sunburn well but also the bites (I wish I knew it 2 weeks ago) I think I’ll give it a try for any kind of itch.

So, to make a long story short: How to treat sunburn and mosquito bites

Make a real strong tea, I used 3 black tes bags in a cup but I think any tea will do,

Squeeze it and extract it as much as you can

Let it cool, completely

Then apply on infected area with a cotton wool and do not wash

Do it several times, like every hour or two

The day after you will have no sunburn, you will switch from an overcooked lobster to Enrique Iglasias in one day.

And the mosquito bites will cease to itch, though will still be there.

And here’s a young beautiful scientist campare between Apple cider vinegar which is also considered good for sunburn and tea.

Give it a try and let me know. And of course, if you have a better idea, share it with us, we all want to know.


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6 natural home made mosquito repellents that are safe even for birds

Natural mosquito repellents that are safe even for birds

Hello Friends!

Scroll down this link to find 6 chemical free mosquito repellent recipes

Got this link from a bird lover friend of mine.

Did not try any of these natural mosquito repellents

But I’m surely going to when the mosquitos come

It was not easy last year

This year I’m determind to find a solution

especially for outdoor mosquitos

natural mosquito repellents

I did manage to handle mosquitos indoor with citronella candles

Will tell you all about this tomorrow

Would love to hear if you tried any of this recipes

and how did it go down here in the comments