How To Make Bath Salts

Bath Salts DIY Learn how to make bath salts for your self, your friends or to sell. It can save you from Christmas overdraft. And will give your friends a lovely, scenty memory. The easiest DIY ever. Watch the video to see how easy it can be. You can pack your bath salts in a little bag instead … Continue reading

Wild Herb Pesto – New Zealand Version

How to make - Wild Herb Pesto Today I want to share a lovely experience I had with some friends of mine. We made together Wild herb pesto. And what do you know, we didn't have to go to the wild, just to out Auckland backyard. What do you need? Herbs Edible greens Stinging Nettle - Beware, it … Continue reading

Relaxing good night sleep linen spray!

Make yourself a good night sleep linen spray! So, what do we need for a good night sleep? What works for me is: Hot shower just before bed Darkness, Dim the lights half an hour before sleep. It's a good idea to keep some of the curtains open for an easy waking up. Nice temperature - means for me, … Continue reading